Full range of Retail Platform

One platform supports online sales of goods, management of orders, transportation, payment and various operational matters.

Excellent system performance

Globally distributed servers, with enterprise-level security systems, ensure that the online shop can cope with any sudden traffic.

Stay close to the market

Built-in tools automatically create reports, intelligently analyze the market and your marketing activities, and easily plan retail countermeasures.

POS sales system integration

The online store combines the APP and POS system to carry out unlimited serial marketing in response to demand, and connects through comprehensive store opening resources, making your retail management more convenient.

Unlimited upload of products

Unlimited publication with the CSV fast export and import function, quickly establish your business needs.

Responsive web design

The system can automatically change the layout so that users of various devices can get the best visual experience.

Custom page support all industries

The platform provides a variety of free templates to use, as well as tailor-made web design services.

Marketing and customer reports

Combining multiple tools such as AI smart management and membership analysis to help you easily analyze your business status.

Cross-border cash flow support

Various flexible collection methods such as domestic and foreign credit cards, bank transfer and cash on delivery.

Regular free updates

The cloud background is updated regularly to ensure that all users enjoy the latest features, to ensure system security and enhance user experience.

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Use OmniWe
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